Porcelain Driveway & Feature Walls

Porcelain Driveway & Feature Walls

  • Project Details
  • Date Completed:September 2016
  • Timeframe:10 days
  • Materials:Porcelain & Handmade Brick
  • Location:Epsom - Surrey

Driveway –

This driveway shows a combination of a traditional and rustic look of the brick walls, finished with Iron Work. This contrasts with the porcelain slabs to give the garden an ultra modern look. 

Walls – 

The walls are also completed with lights to light up the entire front garden  which helps give it a very modern feel. The use of the iron fencing contrasts well with the jointing and the colour of the bricks. Especially when they are accompanied by the blooming flowerpots atop every pillar. 

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